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Reuters | Jan 26, 2015

“A new wave of experimental cancer drugs that directly recruit the immune system’s powerful T cells are proving to be immensely effective weapons against tumors, potentially transforming t...

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The Role of Pertuzumab in Treating HER2+ Breast Cancer

Emma Shtivelman, PhD | 21 Jan 2015

Pertuzumab (Perjeta) is a relatively new drug that targets HER2, a protein found at higher-than-normal levels in about 15% to 20% of all breast cancers. Too much HER2 leads to tumor growth. Currently,...

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Cancer Commons Announces Cancer Maps: A New App to Empower Patients with the World’s Collective Knowledge

20 Nov 2014

Seventeen years ago, Cancer Commons founder Marty Tenenbaum, PhD, learned he had melanoma. He leapt into action. He wanted the best treatment options he could possibly find. “When you’re diagnosed, you’re put into this strange new world with no guidance,” Marty said. “You hit the search engines, and you’re just [...]...

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