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About Cancer Commons

Our Mission

Cancer Commons aims to provide patients and their physicians with the knowledge needed to make the best possible personalized treatment decisions, and to continuously update that knowledge based on each patient’s response.


Our Founder

Marty Tenenbaum is a renowned computer scientist and cancer warrior. After surviving stage IV melanoma, he set out to create a ‘commons’ to ensure that all cancer patients are treated according to the latest scientific and clinical knowledge.


Board Members

Our eminent Board of Directors, Advisory Boards, and Editorial Boards include past presidents of ASCO and AACR, editors of Science and JAMA, as well as leading experts in cancer research, drug development, treatment, biocomputation, informatics, ethics, and patient advocacy.


Press and Events

Check out what’s happening at Cancer Commons, and what others are saying about us.



Cancer Commons has published expert-curated consensus models of different cancer types.


Our Staff

Our core staff, based in Palo Alto, CA, is a small, eclectic group of creative thinkers with impressive track records at transforming their fields.  We’re driven by a shared sense of urgency with patients who have exhausted all other options.



Please feel free to download our 501(c)3 letter of determination for your records.


Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN): 45-3266802
Effective Date of Exemption: September 12, 2011
IRS Determination: Cancer Commons 501(c)(3) Confirmation
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