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Job Opening: Development Director, Part-time

Job Description:

You are a seasoned nonprofit fundraiser, forward-thinking strategic development director, or consultant ready for a new part-time project at a nonprofit with a Silicon Valley start-up atmosphere. Your creativity and energy know no bounds, and you enjoy working with a small group of talented personalities from various professional backgrounds, all dedicated to reinventing oncology. You have time to commit to the project, which could grow in size and scope.

Cancer Commons is a small yet mighty organization about to enter a new chapter. During its incubator years, Cancer Commons has worked on two major paths that are now being conjoined. First, we have worked one-on-one with nearly 3,000 cancer patients through a program called ASK Cancer Commons, which customizes a plan for each cancer patient, along with his or her physician, to find the best treatment options. This service pulls together information from many sources of knowledge that oncologists and patients don’t have the time to research. On another track, we have developed the software framework for a unique Commons knowledge network that will capture top knowledge and insights from oncologists, studies, and trials, and using machine learning, will rapidly offer each patient the best treatment options while quickly incorporating new information and staying up-to-date. The new chapter of the organization includes scaling its services and Commons knowledge network.

And here is the exciting news: Cancer Commons’ board of directors has recently approved the creation of a spin-off, a for-profit, that will engage industry in a variety of ways to grow technology and information. This marriage of the nonprofit and for-profit will benefit many patients in exponential ways and ultimately reinvent oncology.

The right candidate will have 5+ years of experience working with the full spectrum of donors, all the way up to transformative giving. You will oversee one part-time development officer and a part-time donor database manager (Salesforce). You will report to and work closely with the Executive Director of Cancer Commons, as well as the Founder.

As a seasoned professional ready for the challenge, you:

  • Are knowledgeable about donors and why they donate, how to find them, how to cultivate them, how to help them invest, how to manage them, how to build relationships
  • Are a connected/network-savvy individual
  • Enjoy engaging individuals and groups in the mission
  • Are comfortable working in a start-up environment/good cultural fit
  • Are able to work in a small shop yet with big goals and objectives
  • Are resourceful

Required experience:

  • Healthcare fundraising
  • Reporting to donors orally and via written materials and PowerPoint
  • Managing a small, productive team
  • Working remotely with team members


  • Are located on the San Francisco peninsula
  • Adeptly use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and have other computer skills
  • Are able to drive where needed or occasionally fly to meetings
  • Carry yourself professionally
  • Handle great degrees of confidentiality
  • Work well alone and with a team
  • Thrive on change, have a sense of humor

Experience working in a cancer-related organization is a plus. This is a unique opportunity for the right individual, and the right organization for a fast-working, experienced person who loves the nonprofit, philanthropic sector.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to


Job Opening: ASK Scientist Consultant

Job Description:

Cancer Commons is a nonprofit organization devoted to finding, coordinating, and communicating the newest and best information about treatment options in a truly personalized manner, tailored to each individual with cancer. The ASK Cancer Commons service is a free, internet-based service for cancer patients and their caregivers that provides evidence-based information. For each patient they are assigned, the ASK Scientist will do the required research to address whatever questions are asked. These are typically requests for opinions on treatment options, clinical trial opportunities, and recommendations for highly regarded doctors.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Interact directly with cancer patients online. Provide opinions on treatment options and drug efficacy, suggest clinical trials, and answer other questions that patients may have.
  • Structure case data, including diagnosis information, biomarkers, treatments, and outcomes, in a registry.  Capture medically relevant insights pertinent to each case.

Job Requirements:

  • Degree in Biological Sciences, PhD preferred
  • In-depth understanding of cancer biology, including molecular genetics
  • In-depth understanding of drug development and clinical trial design
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Comfortable coordinating with ASK Scientist team over email and occasionally by phone
  • Ability to work with patients in obtaining additional information required
  • Ability to understand and communicate treatment rationales to patients
  • Bay area preferred, but remote work options may be considered
  • Part-time or Full-time contracts possible

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to


Volunteer opportunities:

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please review the volunteer roles described below. Email us at, and let us know how you would like to be involved.

Can’t find something below that matches your interests or expertise? We will! Email and tell us how you’d like to help.

Patient Responder:
Understand and triage patient history and questions
Respond to new patients within 24 hrs
Formulate patient data for experts
Submit for expert opinion
Communicate back to patient

Data Extraction Volunteer:
Contact patients already registered
Confirm current status – treatment, condition
Update existing records in database

Content Curator:
Tag relevant info in existing files
Encode answers on knowledge platform to make it easily searchable and available for future patients

Fundraising Volunteer:
Contact past donors
Provide update on Cancer Commons
Follow up on continuing support

Patient Advocate:
Help patients summarize their medical history
Submit questions on patients’ behalf
Follow up on decisions, outcomes
Liase with other cancer organizations
Introduce oncologists in their network

Answer patient questions, providing actionable information
Include clinical trial recommendations, if appropriate
Engage oncologists in the Network on challenging cases

Participate in the Cancer Commons online community of oncologists
Analyze cases in online tumor boards and provide treatment suggestions