Open position

Cancer Commons Scientist

Job Description:

Cancer Commons is a nonprofit organization devoted to finding, coordinating, and communicating the newest and best information about treatment options in a truly personalized manner, tailored to each individual with cancer.

Cancer Commons service is a free service for cancer patients and their caregivers that provides evidence-based information about various aspects of the disease. For each patient they are assigned, the Scientist will provide detailed information and conduct the appropriate research to address the patient’s requests. Requests may include information about their diagnosis, treatment options, symptom management, genetics/family history, supportive care, and experts and center of excellence/high volume clinics.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Interact directly with cancer patients and caregivers and provide information on various requests including information about:
    • Individual diagnosis (statistics, prognosis, testing, treatment, etc.)
    • Current treatment expectations (how well it works, side effects, etc.)
    • Supportive care (pain management, side effects management, symptoms management, etc.)
    • Clinical trial search based on treatment history, disease stage, geography
    • Specific testing options (molecular profiling, tumor markers, imaging, liquidbiopsy, etc.)
    • Provide list of experts and center of excellence/high volume clinics
  • Review patient medical records, summaries patient history and provide individualized information (listed above) or treatment options based on treatment history, molecular profiling, ECOG status, treatment goals, etc.
  • ●  Conduct in depth clinical research evidence for all patients inquiring about treatment options.
  • ●  Set up and moderate Internal and external Virtual Tumor Boards
  • ●  Communicate with oncology experts about specific cases.
  • ●  Generate reports for patients that includes treatments options to consider andconclusions from tumor boards.
  • ●  Work closely with Patient Navigators and other Scientists to understand and triage cases.
  • ●  Onboard and train other scientists as needed
  • ●  Collect information and data on patients and generate reports and metrics.Job Requirements:
  • ●  Advanced Degree in Biological Sciences or related field, PhD preferred
  • ●  In-depth understanding of cancer biology, including molecular genetics
  • ●  In-depth understanding of drug development and clinical trial design
  • ●  Understanding of clinical care and patient privacy
  • ●  Strong communication and writing skills
  • ●  Comfortable coordinating with Scientist team over email and occasionally by phone
  • ●  Ability to work with patients in obtaining additional information required
  • ●  Ability to understand and communicate treatment rationales to patients via email or byphone.
  • ●  Ability to use various platforms and adapt quickly to technology
  • ●  Comfortable with video / online conferencing as primary communication method
  • ●  passionate about helping patients navigate the ever-changing therapeutics space incancer.