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A mutated KRAS gene that is always "on" can promote cancer growth, despite treatment with drugs that target the upstream EGFR protein. Image credit: Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group

The Trouble With KRAS

In-Depth Insights |  Written by Emma Shtivelman, PhD

Mutations in the gene that encodes the KRAS protein are frequently encountered in various human cancers. They are found in about 30% of ...

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Metastatic melanoma cells stained to reveal structures called podosomes (yellow) that help the cells move and spread. Image credit: National Cancer Institute

Metastatic Melanoma: Not Quite Curable…But Getting There

In-Depth Insights |  Written by Emma Shtivelman, PhD

By 2050, the number of deaths due to malignant melanoma in the U.S. could be three times lower than peak levels reached before 1960. ...

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Mary Beth (second from left) and her family on vacation in Ireland

Re-Engineered Blood Cells Successfully Treat Mary Beth’s Relapsed Lymphoma

Patient Stories |  Written by Sarah Stanley

In early 2016, Mary Beth Smith was getting ready to retire after almost 40 years as a morning radio broadcaster in Toldeo, Ohio. She was an ...

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