“I was running out of options. Cancer Commons helped me find the clinical trial that saved my life.”

Jill, 38 | Stage III breast cancer

Our network answered Jill’s questions, helping her better understand her diagnosis and treatment options. We can help you, too.

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Laura G.

Patient caregiver

“Thank you so much for all of this valuable information. It will shape my next questions to my mom’s medical team. Unfortunately, there is less of a medical team and more silos of treatment recommendations. This leaves me to try to navigate the system based on my own research and thankfully seeking good advice out there from entities like Cancer Commons, one of the few organizations that is actively promoting patients having a strong, educated voice in their treatment.”

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Super Patient: Craig Blower Fights Lung Cancer with Knowledge—and Humor

Robin Meadows | 22 Sep 2015

In 2010, Craig Blower had such a bad case of bronchitis that his doctor put him on steroids. Craig’s airways cleared up in a month or two, and he didn’t give it any more thought…

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To PD-L1 or Not to PD-L1: That Is the Question

Emma Shtivelman | 9 Sep 2015

These days, it seems that I write mostly about immune checkpoint blockade drugs, or some other new immunotherapy treatment for cancer. This post is no different…

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