“I was running out of options. Cancer Commons helped me find the clinical trial that saved my life.”

Jill, 38 | Stage III breast cancer

Our network answered Jill’s questions, helping her better understand her diagnosis and treatment options. We can help you, too.

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Cancer Commons is a nonprofit network of patients, physicians, scientists, and volunteers.
We are committed to providing personalized information, continuously refined by each patient’s experience, to help you beat your cancer.

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Sharing your experience and data makes the network smarter, enabling us to provide the best options for everyone.

It takes just one story to inspire or save a life.
That story could be yours.

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Discuss your most challenging cases with trusted peers and leading experts in our network.

Our pilot program is contributing interesting cases from patients, and compiling a case repository so you can see what worked best for patients like yours.


Cancer Commons is supported by volunteers.

Volunteers interact with patients, research treatment options, curate information,
write code, raise funds, like our featured volunteer below.

Volunteer Spotlight

Heather Rangel

Heather lost three close colleagues to cancer in the past year. Each struggled to find treatment options after exhausting standard of care. As a Deloitte partner, Heather knows the power of data sharing and collective intelligence. She recently challenged herself to swim a 10,000 meter butterfly, and raised $25,000 for Cancer Commons.

“Cancer Commons is a long overdue disruption to our approach to cancer care. Instead of new drugs or more trials, we are focused on using information technology to level the playing field for all those with cancer.”

Heather Rangel


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Robin Meadows | 29 Jun 2015

In the summer of 2004, John Wagontall looked like the picture of health. The 46-year-old Canadian had been a firefighter for 20 years, was an avid cyclist, and also worked out alongside his wife as she trained for a bodybuilding competition. The only sign that something was wrong was a bit of blood in his urine.

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Press & Events

Executive Director William Wong to Speak at C-Change Big Data Meeting

17 Jun 2015

Tomorrow, Cancer Commons Executive Director William Wong will speak at the C-Change Big Data Meeting in Alexandria, VA. C-Change is an organization that brings together cancer leaders from across the U.S. to discuss major issues in the field. William will show how Cancer Commons is using data to improve the patient experience at every stage of treatment.

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