Chemotherapy Timing is Key to Success — Nanoparticles that Stagger Delivery of 2 Drugs Knock out Aggressive Tumors in Mice

“MIT researchers have devised a novel cancer treatment that destroys tumor cells by first disarming their defenses, then hitting them with a lethal dose of DNA damage.

“In studies with mice, the research team showed that this one-two punch, which relies on a nanoparticle that carries two drugs and releases them at different times, dramatically shrinks lung and breast tumors. The MIT team, led by Michael Yaffe, the David H. Koch Professor in Science, and Paula Hammond, the David H. Koch Professor in Engineering, describe the findings in the online edition of Science Signaling.”

Editor’s note: This story is about a new treatment that has been studied in mice. While it is possible that the treatment could eventually make it to clinical trials with humans, the treatment currently cannot be used to treat cancer.