Pembrolizumab Shows Activity in Brain Metastases from NSCLC, Melanoma


“Pembrolizumab demonstrated therapeutic activity in brain metastases of patients with non–small cell lung cancer or melanoma, according to early results of an ongoing randomized phase 2 trial.

“ ‘In the United States, about 50,000 patients with metastatic melanoma or non–small cell lung cancer develop brain metastases every year. … At diagnosis, 10% of patients with metastatic NSCLC have brain metastases and another 30% develop brain involvement,’ Sarah B. Goldberg, MD, MPH, assistant professor in the department of medical oncology in the Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale School of Medicine, and colleagues wrote. ‘Many effective drugs in development have not been well studied for central nervous system penetrations, and patients with untreated brain metastases are excluded from most clinical trials.’ ”

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