PET Identifies Which Prostate Cancer Patients Can Benefit from Salvage Radiation Treatment


“For prostate cancer patients who have rising levels of PSA (a cancer indicator) even after radical prostatectomy, early treatment makes a difference. In a study featured in the December issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Australian researchers demonstrate that PET scans can identify which of these prostate cancer patients would benefit from salvage radiation treatment (SRT).

” ‘The research is novel because it looks at the impact of PSMA PET/CT on patient responses to , not just on whether the PET scan results in changed management,’ explains Louise Emmett, MD, of the St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, Australia. She elaborates, ‘In the study, these patients underwent imaging with a PSMA PET scan and had treatment based on the results of the scan findings. The study then followed how these men were treated, and whether the treatment was effective.’ ”

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