Phosphoproteomic Characterization of DNA Damage Response in Melanoma Cells Following MEK/PI3K Dual Inhibition

“Growing evidence suggests that successful intervention in many human cancers will require combinations of therapeutic agents. Critical to this effort will be a detailed understanding of the crosstalk between signaling networks that modulate proliferation, cell death, drug sensitivity, and acquired resistance. Here we investigated DNA-damage signaling elicited by small-molecule inhibitors against MAP/ERK kinase (MEK) and PI3K in melanoma cells. This work, performed using cutting-edge mass spectrometry proteomics, uncovered a burst of signaling among proteins in the DNA-damage pathway upon initiation of the cell-death program by agents targeting the RAS–RAF–MEK and PI3K–AKT–mTOR pathways. These signals may prove important to the short- and long-term sensitivity of tumor cells to MEK- and PI3K-targeted therapies.”