Cancer Commons Publishes New Molecular Models of Lung Cancer and Melanoma

Cancer Commons aims to put the most up-to-date information about cancer treatment into the hands of patients. To keep this information current, Cancer Commons’ Chief Scientist Emma Shtivelman and collaborators periodically comb the scientific literature to compile and publish review papers that serve as “consensus models” of different cancer types and how they’re treated. Two new consensus models were recently published for lung cancer and melanoma in the scientific journal Oncotarget.

The new consensus models describe the molecular underpinnings of lung cancer and melanoma, and how different genetic mutations and other molecular-scale changes are used to develop different treatments. The models serve as the scientific foundation of the personalized, patient-friendly information Cancer Commons provides to lung cancer and melanoma patients, and they will be updated as new insights emerge.

Cancer Commons is also preparing a prostate cancer consensus model for publication. Consensus models for other cancer types may be published as we expand our services.

Both models are available free of charge on the Oncotarget website:

Lung Cancer