Prostate Cancer Might Need a Little Help from the Nerves

For many years, researchers have known that cancers need a system of support to grow and metastasize. The so-called tumor microenvironment—the still normal tissue in which tumors grow, the blood vessels that feed this tissue (and the tumor), and the immune cells found in most tissues—is co-opted by the cancer cells to change in such a way as to support their growth. Analysis of the tumor microenvironment and how it affects the tumor (and vice versa) is the focus of intense research. Continue reading…

Autonomic Nerve Development Contributes to Prostate Cancer Progression

“Cancer cells usurp the healthy tissue microenvironment to promote their survival, proliferation, and dissemination. The role of angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, in solid tumor growth is well established. Whether neurogenesis, the formation of new nerve fibers, likewise contributes to tumor development and progression remains unclear. Here, studying mouse models and human tumor samples, we examined the role of the autonomic nervous system in prostate cancer growth and dissemination.”