Advances in Therapy for Melanoma Brain Metastases

Melanoma cells frequently metastasize to the brain, and approximately 50% of patients with metastatic melanoma develop intracranial disease. Historically, central nervous system dissemination has portended a very poor prognosis. Recent advances in systemic therapies for melanoma, supported by improved local therapy control of brain lesions, have resulted in better median survival for these patients. We review current local and systemic approaches for patients with melanoma brain metastases.”

Vemurafenib and radiation therapy in melanoma brain metastases

“Brain metastases in malignant melanoma carries a poor prognosis with minimal response to any therapy. The purpose of this pilot analysis was to find the effectiveness of vemurafenib, an oral BRAF inhibitor, and radiation therapy in V600 mutated melanoma with brain metastases. BRAF mutation status of the melanoma patients was determined by real-time PCR assay…”

Prognostic Factors for Overall Survival After Radiosurgery in Patients with Melanoma with Brain Mets

Brain metastases (BM) cause significant morbidity and mortality in patients with melanoma. This study identified serum LDH as an independent prognostic factor associated with overall survival. If this finding is confirmed in a prospective manner, the serum LDH level should be included in future prognostic algorithms for patients with melanoma and BM who are to receive stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), according to the researchers.