Mobile Technologies Expected to Change Paradigm in Melanoma Detection

“In this video, Allan C. Halpern, MD, illustrates how mobile technologies are expected to play a larger role in melanoma detection due to increased access and ease of use. However, he notes that a lack of oversight and quality assurance remain formidable challenges.

“While more than 50 iPhone apps are available to evaluate images of lesions, rashes and other abnormalities to help diagnose melanoma, the apps nevertheless use preexisting iPhone on-camera processing. Many inherent camera features attempt to improve the asthetic appearance of the skin, removing features that are critical to diagnosing a skin lesion.”

Hyperspectral Camera Shows Promising Results in Detection of Skin Cancer

“A lightweight, handheld, ultra-precision hyperspectral camera has been developed for the detection of skin cancers and their precursors. From the surface of the skin, the camera recognizes early stages of cancer that are invisible to the naked eye. The hand-held, mobile hyperspectral camera images the skin region in two seconds. The large field of view (12 cm2) enables the detection of large skin areas at once. The preliminary results are promising.”