Big Data Meets Cancer: Netflix CPO Neil Hunt Explains Why Cancer Commons Matters in TEDx Talk

Late last year, Netflix Chief Product Officer and Cancer Commons supporter Neil Hunt gave a talk at TEDxBeaconStreet. He believes that big data analysis outside of traditional clinical trials can help identify personalized treatments for individual patients that can significantly improve their chances of survival. As Hunt explains, Cancer Commons is an exciting embodiment of this new approach to life-saving cancer research. Watch the video:

Cancer Commons in The Journal of Oncopathology

Cancer Commons is mentioned in a recently-published paper in The Journal of Oncopathology. In Crowdsourcing for Science and Medicine: Progress and Challenges, Sheryl Torr-Brown, PhD, writes:

“Another open source data collection effort to improve patient care is Cancer Commons, a nonprofit science initiative, comprised of an elite group of volunteer physicians and scientists, who collect patient data and make it broadly accessible for analysis. The initiative has already published a molecular disease model for lung cancer that is online and widely accessible.”

Read the paper here.