Nivolumab Combos Explored in First-Line NSCLC Trial


“Although nivolumab (Opdivo) has demonstrated a clear survival advantage compared with chemotherapy in patients with progressive non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who express PD-L1 in their tumor cells, the same cannot be said for those who are PD-L1–negative.

“As a result, researchers are seeking to elicit antitumor activity in a broader range of patients, notably through a multiarm trial evaluating the PD-1 inhibitor along with combinatorial approaches.

“CheckMate-227 (NCT02477826) is a phase III, open-label, randomized trial for patients with chemotherapy-naïve stage IV or recurrent NSCLC. The trial will enroll patients into separate groups according to PD-L1 expression status (≥1% or <1%).”

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Lung Cancer Highlights from ASCO 2016

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