Simultaneous Spurts of Mutations Drive Prostate Cancer, Whole-Genome Sequencing Study Finds

A large collaborative research effort shows that prostate cancers may evolve in sudden, brief spurts of many simultaneous genetic mutations that disrupt important prostate cancer genes. Using deep-sequencing techniques and computer modeling, scientists have created a detailed temporal map of how genetic aberrations evolve within prostate tumors. This result differs from the traditional model of cancer resulting from the step-by-step accumulation of individual mutations. The study is published in the journal Cell. Continue reading…

Punctuated Evolution of Prostate Cancer Genomes

“The analysis of exonic DNA from prostate cancers has identified recurrently mutated genes, but the spectrum of genome-wide alterations has not been profiled extensively in this disease. We sequenced the genomes of 57 prostate tumors and matched normal tissues to characterize somatic alterations and to study how they accumulate during oncogenesis and progression. By modeling the genesis of genomic rearrangements, we identified abundant DNA translocations and deletions that arise in a highly interdependent manner. This phenomenon, which we term “chromoplexy,” frequently accounts for…”