Update Confirms Benefit of Pembrolizumab Plus Indoximod in Melanoma


“Adding the IDO inhibitor indoximod to pembrolizumab (Keytruda) led to an overall response rate (ORR) of 61% in patients with advanced melanoma, according to updated phase II data scheduled to be presented at the Third International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference in Frankfurt/Mainz, Germany.

“The updated data include a higher complete response (CR) rate of 20% compared with the 12% CR rate previously reported at the 2017 AACR Annual Meeting.1 The median progression-free survival (PFS) with the combination was 12.9 months, with a 1-year PFS rate of 56%.”

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Immune System-Activating Drugs in Combination Treatments May Be Next Big Thing for Melanoma

Among solid tumors, the curative potential of immunotherapies has been explored most in melanoma. One reason for this is that melanoma tumors often contain so-called immune infiltrates—patches of T cells, the killer cells of the immune system. It seems that these fighter cells arrive at the ‘battlefield’ to target tumor cells for killing, but instead become ‘frozen,’ unable to attack.  How to activate the tumor-killing potential of T cells has been an area of intense and fruitful research, leading to the development of several immunotherapy drugs. Continue reading…