Transgene Announces Final Overall Survival Data from Phase 2b TIME Trial with TG4010 Immunotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

“Transgene SA (Euronext: TNG) today announced the presentation1 by Dr. Elisabeth Quoix of final data from the Phase 2b part of the TIME trial with TG4010 MUC1 targeted immunotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) at the 16th World Conference on Lung Cancer in Denver, CO, USA.

“The overall survival (OS) data confirm the strength of previously reported improvements and are significant in patients with a ‘low’ level of triple positive activated lymphocytes (TrPAL2), as well as in those patients with low TrPAL and non-squamous disease.

“Elisabeth Quoix, M.D., Head of the Department of Pulmonology at the University Hospital of Strasbourg and Coordinating Investigator of the TIME study, said: ‘Lung cancer remains a devastating disease and there is an urgent need for new treatments. Immunotherapies are an area of great promise, and I look forward to the further development of TG4010 in combination with chemotherapy, as well as with immune checkpoint inhibitors, in this important indication.’ “

Clinical Trial to Examine Effectiveness of Lung Cancer Vaccine TG4010 in Select Patients

A new clinical trial will examine the effectiveness of the lung cancer drug TG4010. TG4010 acts like a vaccine: it sensitizes the immune system to MUC1, a protein expressed in high levels on many lung tumor cells, and thus primes the immune system to attack these cancer cells. A previous trial suggested that TG4010 is most likely to be effective in patients with low levels of a certain kind of immune cell called triple-positive activated lymphocytes or TrPAL. In the new trial, patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) whose tumors express high levels of MUC1 and who have low levels of TrPAL will receive either TG4010 or a placebo along with their standard treatment.