Super Patient: Cancer Commons Helps Francesca Keep Fighting Pancreatic Cancer

Update:  We are deeply saddened to report that Francesca passed away on October 31, 2014. Her warmth, intelligence, and bravery will continue to inspire us. It is a privilege to share her story and keep her memory alive.

In 2011, Francesca knew something was wrong. Her stomach hurt and was upset after eating, and she just didn’t feel right. She had also lost a lot of weight, but thought that was normal, considering her life at the time. “I was working fulltime and had just stopped breastfeeding,” she explains. So when she went in for a checkup, she expected to hear it was a stomach problem. Continue reading…

Investigational Medical Device Is Awarded FDA Approval To Start Clinical Trials For Treating Focal Prostate Cancer

The medical device company, AngioDynamics, has been granted Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) approval by the FDA, which will allow them to start clinical trials of their NanoKnife System for treating localized prostate cancer. The company is moving forward with institutional review board (IRB) submissions and plans to start enrolling patients in clinical trials later this year. Similarly, the company is pursuing a study that will involve 200 patients in six European centers to evaluate the NanoKnife for treating low-intermediate localized prostate cancer. The company will share more details during their fourth quarter fiscal year 2013 earnings report and conference call.