Genetic Test Firm to Put Customers’ Data in Public Domain

“In an unusual move, a leading genetic testing company is putting genetic information from the people it has tested into the public domain, a move the company says could make a large trove of data available to researchers looking for genes linked to various diseases.

“The company, Ambry Genetics, is expected to announce on Tuesday that it will put information from 10,000 of its customers into a publicly available database called AmbryShare.

“ ‘We’re going to discover a lot of new diagnostic targets and a lot of new drug targets,’ Aaron Elliott, interim chief scientific officer at Ambry, which is based in Southern California, said in an interview. ‘With our volume, we can pull out a significant number of genes just by the sheer number we are looking at.’ “

Cancer Commons in The Journal of Oncopathology

Cancer Commons is mentioned in a recently-published paper in The Journal of Oncopathology. In Crowdsourcing for Science and Medicine: Progress and Challenges, Sheryl Torr-Brown, PhD, writes:

“Another open source data collection effort to improve patient care is Cancer Commons, a nonprofit science initiative, comprised of an elite group of volunteer physicians and scientists, who collect patient data and make it broadly accessible for analysis. The initiative has already published a molecular disease model for lung cancer that is online and widely accessible.”

Read the paper here.