Listen: Marty Tenenbaum Featured in New Mendelspod Podcast

Cancer Commons founder Dr. Marty Tenenbaum is featured in a new podcast from Mendelspod. In the podcast, entitled “4 Reasons Clinical Trials Don’t Work,” Dr. Tenenbaum outlines the shortcomings of the current state of the clinical trial system, and offer solutions for improvement. Cancer Commons is key to his vision of a revamped cancer research system that focuses on individual cancer patients to find answers faster. Listen on the website, or download the podcast to listen later.

Video: CC Board Member Dr. Larry Marton Discusses Personalized Medicine in New Podcast

In a recent video podcast, Cancer Commons board member Dr. Larry Marton discusses quality assurance in the context of personalized medicine. Dr. Marton is heavily involved at Cancer Commons; he tells our story at the 32:00 mark. From Mendelspod, makers of the podcast:

“Larry’s core message is that we must improve the quality of new clinical tests which have been translated from research. It is the key to demonstrating clinical relevance, he says. There are issues with sampling, with analytics, and with compliance. What can those in the industry do to better the quality assurance? And how can the industry better engage the medical community? A veteran shares his insights.”

You can also watch, listen, or download here.