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How Cancer Commons Works

We help patients, physicians, and providers identify and access personalized treatments that are beyond the standard of care. We continuously learn from every patient, sharing life-saving knowledge to benefit many others.

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For Patients

Cancer Commons puts patients at the center of care. We provide you with a full view of all treatment options that you and your provider may consider. We stay with you throughout your treatment, and we apply what we learn to help everyone.

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For Physicians

We help physicians prioritize cancer treatment options based on expert judgement and outcomes data, and enroll their patients in a longitudinal registry study to continuously learn. We’re building new systems to close the gap between research and care.

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Cancer Insights

The latest in cancer research and perspectives

Grace Faces Anal Cancer with Strength, Support, and Song

Patient Stories

Grace is a lifelong singer who was first diagnosed with anal cancer in 2013 at the age of 70. Since then, she has undergone treatment for a number of recurrences. Most recently, after corresponding with Cancer Commons, she enrolled in a ...

Using Molecular Testing to Guide Treatment for Advanced Colorectal Cancer

Curious Dr. George

A Q&A with Kalpana Kannan, PhD, former Scientist at Cancer Commons Q: Colorectal cancer is common, and although many cases in earlier ...

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Pediatric Palliative Care: A Specialty Comes of Age

In-Depth Insights |  Written by Sarah Friebert, MD

For a child with cancer, palliative care can provide much-needed relief from stress and symptoms—for the patient and their family alike. ...

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