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How Cancer Commons Works

We help patients, physicians, and providers identify and access personalized treatments that are beyond the standard of care. We continuously learn from every patient, sharing life-saving knowledge to benefit many others.

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For Patients

Cancer Commons puts patients at the center of care. We provide you with a full view of all treatment options that you and your provider may consider. We stay with you throughout your treatment, and we apply what we learn to help everyone.

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For Physicians

We help physicians prioritize cancer treatment options based on expert judgement and outcomes data, and enroll their patients in a longitudinal registry study to continuously learn. We’re building new systems to close the gap between research and care.

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Cancer Insights

The latest in cancer research and perspectives

Pediatric Palliative Care: A Specialty Comes of Age

In-Depth Insights |  Written by Sarah Friebert, MD

For a child with cancer, palliative care can provide much-needed relief from stress and symptoms—for the patient and their family alike. Palliative care is given alongside cancer treatment, and is not synonymous with “end-of-life” ...

How to Treat Uveal Melanoma that Recurs in the Liver?

Curious Dr. George

A Q&A with Emma Shtivelman, PhD, Chief Scientist at Cancer Commons; Q: Malignant melanoma may arise from ...

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What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor?

In-Depth Insights |  Written by Sarah Stanley, with contributions from Cancer Commons scientists

When faced with an advanced cancer diagnosis, it can be difficult to know what questions to ask. At Cancer Commons, we help patients and ...

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