What we can do for you.

Imagine that you or someone you loved was just diagnosed with cancer. You’re overwhelmed, confused, and terrified all at once. Forced to make life-or-death decisions, under the gun. With no data. You consult Dr. Google and get thousands of search results, most of which are irrelevant to you. You seek second opinions and get conflicting recommendations. Often, the right path is unclear. Occasionally, there are no paths at all.

Cancer Commons is here to help.

We don’t give you a second opinion, we give you the best “second opinion” available.

We alert you to brilliant science, delivered with a great bedside manner.

We don’t list every clinical trial, we highlight the best trials for you.

If there are no good trials, your case will be reviewed by experts.

If you’re out of options, we can connect you directly with cancer researchers who may have promising investigational therapies.

“Cancer Commons is a great first step to help you understand your disease, clarify decisions you have to make, and access the latest treatment information your community-based oncologist may not have.”

“Cancer Commons is one of the few organizations that is actively promoting patients having a strong, educated voice in their treatment.”

“Cancer commons was amazing in providing support and info on possible clinical trial options. There was nothing else like it to help wade through all the info and find relevant trials.”


Ask Cancer Commons Now. 

How it works.

Expert knowledge collectively defines the state of the art in cancer. If every oncologist knew what the experts collectively know, every patient would receive the best available care.

Toward this goal, we are growing a professional network—a “LinkedIn” for cancer—that connects patients and physicians to the right experts and services. And a “Wikipedia” for cancer to capture the resulting knowledge.

When you ask a question:

1. We’ll first look for answers in our knowledge base, as well as published literature and clinical guidelines.

2. We’ll also check our repository of cases to see what worked best for patients like you, especially exceptional responders.

3. If the answer isn’t clear, we’ll seek answers from appropriate experts in our network.

4. If the right experts aren’t yet in the network, we’ll invite them to join, based on recommendations from existing members. This is how the network grows.

5. Or we’ll go “out of network” and leverage the expertise, knowledge and resources of other organizations – because nobody is as smart as everybody.

6. When experts disagree—and they will—we’ll convene online tumor boards to discuss your case and provide a consensus recommendation.

7. Or, we may crowdsource answers from the larger community, as we recently did to help a patient decide whether the benefits of adjuvant radiation outweighed the long-term risks.

8. We’ll also suggest smart questions to ask your doctor—questions that will open their mind to new possibilities, so that together, you can find better treatments.

9. We will track the treatments you choose and how well they work, so that we can learn. And we’ll alert you to new developments as we learn from other patients and the literature.

10. We’re with you for life. If you need our help in the future, we’ll be there. And we’ll be smarter.

… Because with every day, every patient, and every question, the network grows and learns.